First 16" f5 Dobsonian

Skeleton tube from Beacon Hill Telescopes in February 2003.
New rocker box, groundboard and secondary light baffle.
Sadly, this telescope no longer exists - it was just too heavy and bulky for me. But its memory lives on in its optics and the (cut down) rocker and groundboard.

Focusser, spider and secondary

I like to have a finder on the focusser board, but it does make the tube fairly secondary heavy.

Mirror cell

Collimation is difficult, requiring two spanners to adjust each bolt, but because the tube is solid, the collimation rarely changes.

Altitude bearings

Although the altitude bearings are of small diameter, putting the pads at a wide angle increases the frictional force to the optimum. The pressure must be much higher than the 15 psi recommended for Teflon / Ebony Star, but seems fine for whatever the yellow material is.