Vixen Porta Mount tripod

Test setup

TV85 (600mm) with 3.5mm Delos eyepiece: x170
The alt-azimuth head and movements work really well, but the tripod rings. When the side of the diagonal is tapped, the vibrations last at least 5 seconds. In fact they never really stop, because every breath of wind or brush of the hand keeps them going.
Quantifying the damping is difficult. No mount is perfectly steady, and some vibration after moving the telescope is inevitable and acceptable. But continual movement caused by the wind, focussing and tiny knocks is irritating.

Damping feet

The separate pads (foam neoprene from an old wetsuit) work well. The vibrations from a tap die down in about 3 seconds, and light winds and touches cause no ringing at all.

The replacement feet seem to be the simplest solution of all. The vibrations from a tap die down in about 2.5 seconds. Light winds and touches cause no ringing, and of course they don't need to be positioned, and you don't have to remember to pick them up in the dark.

Pine tripod

Replacing the aluminum legs with pine gives a much better damped tripod. The vibrations from a tap die down in less than 3 seconds, and light winds and touches cause no ringing.
Adding damping feet further reduces the damping time by about 1/2 second, so is just worth it. In practice, one would simply add the padding to the bottom of the leg, as in the previous section
The cord works well.

Folding and adjustment

Folding and transport is much more convenient with the aluminium tripod than the wooden one.
The current wooden design can't be adjusted. It wouldn't be hard to make a clamp for the wooden legs similar to the aluminium one, but would it be worth it?

Hub dimensions and wooden parts

Upper legs: 20 x 30 x 760 mm, 6 off.
Lower legs: 30 x 33 x 760 mm, 3 off.

It might be interesting to try a different wood. Ash seems to be a popular choice.