Sheet music for voices & viols

Scores & parts to download

This music has all been typeset by me so there are viol parts in suitable clefs with words. In general I have only printed one copy of the score, so we need to decide how many more are required.

Piece Composer Viols Score & parts
Entre vous filles de quinze ans Clemens non Papa Tr Te Te B entrevousfilles.pdf
Drei Kön'ge wandern aus Morgenland Peter Cornelius Tr Tr Tr Te B 3koenge.pdf
Ancor che col partire Cyprien de Rore Tr Te Te B ancor.pdf
Donna, se m'ancidete Gesualdo Tr Tr Tr Tr/Te Te B donnasemancidete.pdf
O come è gran martire Gesualdo Tr Te Te Te B ocome.pdf
Amy, souffrez que je vous ayme Gombert Tr Te Te Te B amysouffrez.pdf
Mille Regres (a 6) Gombert Tr Tr Te Te B B milleregres.pdf
Decidme, fuente clara * Guerrero Tr Tr Te Te B decidme.pdf
En tanto que de rosa y azucena * Guerrero Tr Tr Te Te B entanto.pdf
Mille Regrets Josquin Tr Te Te Te/B milleregretz.pdf
Petite Camusette Josquin Tr Te Te Te B B petite_camusette.pdf
Missa 'Entre vous filles' Orlando di Lasso Tr Te Te Te B missaentrevousfilles.pdf
Missa 'Mille regretz' * Morales Tr Tr Te Te Te/B B mmmregretz.pdf
Parce mihi Domine, from Officium defunctorum Morales Tr Tr/Te Te B parce_ub.pdf
Vestiva i Colli
Palestrina Tr Tr Te Te B
Adieu, adieu my native shore Pearsall Tr Te Te B adieu.pdf
Great God of Love Pearsall Tr Tr Te Te Te Te B B greatgodoflove.pdf
Lay a Garland Pearsall Tr Tr Te Te Te Te B B layag.pdf
Videte miraculum Thomas Tallis Tr Tr Te Te B B videte.pdf
O dulcissime filiae Sion Trabaci Tr Tr/Te Te Te B dulcis.pdf
Ardens est cor meum * Victoria Tr Tr Te Te Te B ardens.pdf
Dum complerentur *
VictoriaTr Tr Te Te B
O Mors Inevitabilis, Epithaphium Josquini Vinders Tr Tr Te Te Te B B omors.pdf

* Made with LilyPond materials from and put here with the express permission of Nancho Alvarez.

Other scores to prepare

This music is from other publishers so we may need to order additional scores. It may be possible to prepare scores from public domain materials. I need to know which pieces should be worked on.

Piece Composer Viols Notes
6 motets in 5 parts Cipriano de Rore Tr Te Te Te B Particular Music
Mass 'Doulce mémoire' Cipriano de Rore Tr Te Te Te B Particular Music
Sacrae Cantiones Gesualdo Tr Te Te Te B Particular Music
O pas en vain perdus Claude le jeune Tr Tr Te Te Te/B B LPM 561
Quemadmodum Taverner A setting with words needs to be found
Petite Camusette Adrian Willaert Tr Tr Te Te B B LPM 521


DF 3 Sep 15 [Y]our PDF of Ancor che col partire is only the bass part Fixed
DF 3 Sep 15 I will bring a fair bit of music, some of which will undoubtedly be suitable for voices and viols, especially if the latter can play from octave treble clef
AA 4 Sep 15 O come è gran martire - seems to have a duplicate version of the pdf (/vvmusic/ocome.pdf&d=1) - my browser finds vvmusic/ocome.pdf (common basename) so I can see it. Weird, but now fixed
AA 4 Sep 15 Vestiva i Colli - same problem - 2 versions on server - /vvmusic/vestivaicolli.pdf&d=1) Fixed
AA 4 Sep 15 Videte Miraculum - missing pdf file Fixed

Please send me yours and I'll put them here. Also requests and suggestions for other pieces, and any music you already have.


Please print a score for yourself if you see a piece you would like to sing.

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