P8Z77-V BIOS, benchmarks

The intention of the BIOS update would be to restore the system performance to how it was. Running these benchmarks again after update should reveal any mis-configuration.

Before update:

hardinfo (Linux)
CPU Blowfish-2.58
CPU CryptoHash+577.97
CPU Fibonacci-0.43
CPU N-Queens-4.66
CPU Zlib+1.06
FPU FFT-0.83
FPU Raytracing-1.60
GPU Drawing+31,507.15
- means the lower the better, + means the higher the better
Intel Extreme Tuning Utility (Windows 10)
Current score775
Maximum processor frequency (GHz)4.30
Highest CPU temperature (°C)79
Novabench (Windows 10)
Novabench score1478
CPU score601
RAM score247
GPU score597
Disk score33