New garden, possibilities

These were my initial thoughts:

Front 1
  1. Santolina etc.
  2. Mahonia
  3. Euphorbia melifera
  4. Judas tree?
  5. Betula jacquemontii?
  6. Gravel? Not too golden. Extra parking not needed. Not too crunchy. Walkable on in the wet
Tredegar House, spring 2015
Plants merge into gravel

Beth Chatto's gravel garden

Front 2
  1. No grass. Different surfaces must blend without fussiness
  2. Low plants softening edges
  3. Euphorbia, santolina, etc.
  4. Let clematis expand
  5. Keep bay

Privacy doesn't seem to be a problem

Front 3
  1. Hydrangea petiolaris, ivy, etc.
  2. Flower bed against house
  3. Gravel?
  4. Boundary plants no bigger than existing fuchsia
Back 1
  1. Plants over manhole
  2. Astronomy platform. Flat and level. Position quite critical
  3. Replace patio with smaller pond
  4. Plants over manhole
  5. See gravel, or hoggin or bricks. Probably not paving. No steps so big telescope can be wheeled out
Back 2
  1. Flower bed in front of house
  2. Compost arrangements
  3. Plants hiding manhole
  4. Curvy paths
Back 3
  1. Remove shed?
  2. Plants up to house
  3. Curvy paths
Back 4
  1. Astronomy platform. Flat and level. Position quite critical. No smaller than this
  2. Curvy paths
  3. Remove patio. Wall to sit on as boundary to pond?
  4. Pond
  5. Wider beds next to fence
Back 5
  1. Pond
  2. Astronomy platform
  3. Paths
  4. No seat required. But somewhere to sit occasionally. Edge of pond?
Odds and ends