Looking good today

The melianthus major went in last October and made a very slow start, but now it looks fine.

The lysimachia is a thug, but easy to control, and very attractive.

There’s another gladiolus ‘Plum tart’ in a pot at the front. Not so far out. They’re overwintered in their pots by the compost heap.

This is the third year the edelweiss has flowered in its pot, which it shares with Tulipa ‘Golden Apeldoorn’.

This is the second year the cirsium have flowered. Success.

The day lily is my favourite of the three I’ve got. The others are a plain bright yellow, and a pink.


This is the third year they’ve flowered in their pots after being overwintered by the compost heap. They’re fed with tomato fertiliser once a week.