New daffs

Apart from ‘Ice Follies’ to the back of B1 these don’t look much like the varieties I thought I’d planted in these two beds. The dwarf daffodils, probably ‘Tête-à-tête’ have come back strongly in B2 and elsewhere.

Narcissus ‘White petticoat’

These started rather inauspiciously on the ground at the front with a chicken wire cover, but after this was removed and they were put on the wall at the back they looked fantastic.

Corydalis solida ‘Beth Evans’

This pot has been going strong since 2019. It’s brilliant for a couple of weeks at this sort of time and then dies down completely for the rest of the year. Well worth keeping while I’ve got space in the service area.

Iris reticulata in pots

Iris reticulata do well in pots for a short time. Much shorter than crocuses. They have to be covered with chicken wire, and look much better on the wall. I have two pots of iris ‘Pauline’ one flowering for the second year. It may not be worth keeping them after flowering. ‘Purple Hill’ actually had at least one bulb of something else, which looked a bit odd.

Crocus in pots

The earliest flowers, apart from snowdrops in the beds, and possibly some iris reticulata. They have to be covered with chicken wire to stop the cats messing with them, which is rather unsightly. After they are in flower they keep going for several weeks. They look better on the low wall at the back round the pond.

Iris hollandica

These have been in their pots since Autumn 2018 and Autumn 2021. They’ve had rather dull leaves for several months. They’re said to flower in late spring to early summer, but I’m not sure thay ever have. Probably not worth keeping in their pots. Plant them out somewhere.