New garden, structure

Back garden

  1. Flower beds
  2. Gravel paths
  3. Astronomy platform
  4. Pond. Deep part
  5. Pond. Sloping bank
  6. Wall for sitting and walking on
Natural stone paving circle kit
One of these could be used to make the astronomy platform and the top of the wall / bench.
One of the standard diameters of a two ring circle, 2.4 m, would seem to be just right for the astronomy platform.
Several of the kits have optional outer rings of 40 - 50 cm wide stones, which could form the coping of the wall. A natural stone kit looks good, but close inspection reveals some problems with the use of the outer circle for the wall coping. The stone is quite thin, not very uniform, and the edges are undercut - it is designed to be set on the ground. The edges are sharp, which makes sitting uncomfortable, and the overhang over the wall might be hard to point neatly.
Reconstituted stone paving circle kit
These are available in similar sizes to the natural stone kits. See Marshalls Coach House Paving Circles
Reconstituted slabs don't look as good as natural stone, but they work much better as coping stones for the wall.

One of these was eventually used and turned out well.

Astronomy platform

The astronomy platform works well, even with my largest telescope. I just have to be careful not to drop anything in the pond in the dark.