New garden, wall / bench

  1. End of full-height wall above astronomy platform
  2. Other end of level coping finishes where the soil level either side is the same
  3. Steps down as required until the soil levels either side are the same

Section A-A

Steps down shown dotted. As required to hold soil off platform level.

Section B-B

All visible faces of wall should be good.

Section C-C

Sections D-D & E-E

Section F-F

Not to scale. Wall ends when it is no longer required to hold soil at pond level away from fence.

Curved coping

I don't think this works, even with a gentler curve.
This is excellent and probably expensive.
It's clearly possible to cut stone in curves. Can slabs like these with different radii of curvature be obtained pre-cut?
This is neat, but it doesn't work for me.