New garden, gravel


The gravel is most important at the front, but it would be nice if it can form the paths at the back as well.
It would be nice if one type of gravel can serve all these purposes:

  1. Car. Can't be expected to be very accurately parked, and anyway different cars are different widths
  2. Honeycomb material
  3. Perhaps what's currently under the tarmac will be sufficient for the car space. What about elsewhere?
  4. Telescope is much lighter than car, but needs to roll smoothly
  5. Bikes only need to be wheeled
  6. People need to be able to walk comfortably in any shoes and any weather without bringing mud into the house
  7. Small plants can be planted anywhere
  8. The tree will probably be in a normal soil bed
  9. Large plants growing in the beds flop over the gravel
  10. Edging between the gravel and the soil. This is just required during construction to get nice curves. See Edging. The plants should soon cover it.
  11. Normal soil
The most critical path is from the S side of the house to the astronomy platform where the Dobsonian telescope must be wheeled.


10mm golden gravel from Wales Aggregates
10mm golden gravel from Gravel Master
10mm Southern Gold Gravel from Decorative Aggregates
I think 20mm gravel is too much like walking on the beach. Both 10 and 20mm seem to work well with Cedagravel.
Caroline is happy with the colour of golden gravel. Pete points out that there are lots of colours in it.
Breedon Gravel looks very promising

Honeycomb material

Dupont Groundgrid

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